Sunday, 27 February 2011

Convention Wares

I'll be selling some of my stuff for an upcoming Minicon in Vancouver. I've been thinking about what the people like and how I should sell my stuff accordingly. I've learned from my friends how fanart is more likely to get sales than original works and while that's true, I've been wondering: Do people go with familiarity when it comes to buying things or with how much the piece appeals to them aesthetically.

I guess when starting off, fanart is a way to get people to notice your stuff. It has a lot of bad connotation with it though and it can be difficult for people to see you differently than 'that person who did the such and such thing'. But at the same time, only doing original works can be a long, long process of people not noticing as much and then you get frustrated at the people who do fanart and wonder why their original works don't get as much attention as fanart.

I suppose it's because fanart already has a solid fanbase (more than likely) and anyone who likes the series will give the picture at least one view if it has a familiar face on it. If it's silly, funny or well made, more than likely, it'll have a bunch of views and favourites (going off of DA mechanisms). My reason for doing fanart is not just for views and favourites though, I felt strong enough towards something that I wanted to try my best to draw them out in a tribute. That's how I feel fanart should be made and not just so you can be popular. I tend to spend a lot more time with fanart than my normal, original works and while that's a bit depressing, it's not like I'm wasting my time and effort on it.

Original works can be a difficult ground to tread because not everyone's going to look at it like fanart. If you really have a good idea on how to captivate people with the story you have going for whatever's in the picture and have the ability to execute it, then it shouldn't really be too much of a problem. If you can't, then keep at it. My original works sure as hell don't get the same amount of views as my fanart (looking at the top three favourited pieces in my gallery, they're Homestuck fanart, Yume nikki fanart/gag comic, and Endzone fanart/work piece) but I'm still working on my technique either way so I don't really care.

But yeah, when it comes to conventions, all of that kinda is thrown out the window. When it comes to shopping, especially for an anime convention, more than likely the customer will want to get something specifically. So unfortunately, unless you're a huge name with an established huge fanbase, fanart is the way to go. Maybe occasionally original if it's appealing. Izukitty is going to be a pin staple haha.

This was probably a bad topic but I hope not! Give me topics you want to read about so I don't keep rambling about weird stuff!

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  1. I think you're thinking too much into it when it comes to fanart, specially if it's about fanart done for con sales. It's true what you say that as long as it has a familiar face on it, people will fav it, buuuut it also opens a window, in the sense it makes that same people want to explore your work :I

    The only bad thing it could happen is you ending up with a gallery full of fanart, which happens way too much, so people need to control it. Blar, this is getting too long, anyways, If you're going to a con you shouldn't expect people looking for original work, they're there for, well, their fandoms most likely |D. Not saying that you SHOULDN'T bring originals, just make one piece or two and make the rest of your stuff fanarts.

    And new topic... Animation clash: 3D vs 2D. should be interesting o: